This Guy Will Show You 2,600 Miles of the Best Selfies You Will Ever See

By Jack Day

Dedication comes in many forms. One could say that ants are the most dedicated creatures on the planet the way they form bridges with their bodies for their entire lifespan for the greater good. Then there is dedication of a different variety. Like for instance, hiking the entire 2,600 mile Pacific Crest Trail and photographing yourself after every mile like photographer Andy Davidhazy did recently. It took 5 months and he shed 50 lbs along the way, that’s one way to lose weight. He also put this awesome time lapse video together using all 2,600 photos from the trip.

This guy is now one of my hero’s. I love nature and hiking so it was easy. How about you? Could you make it 2,600 miles? Tell us your craziest adventure stories and share any other awesome experiences that changed your life!