This Guy Was Inspired By Others to Build a Small House For a Homeless Woman, Now He’s the Inspiration

By Jack Day

The King would be proud. Presley that is, and it is because this guy who shares the same first name with him is out there building little homes for homeless people. Elvis Summers had befriended the homeless woman, who goes by Smokie, outside of his apartments a while back. Tired of seeing her sleep on the ground every night Elvis was inspired by another gentleman he heard about who builds little houses for the homeless and quickly got to work.

Working with local builders, police, and government agencies the small project quickly outgrew it’s original mission. Now Elvis is partnering with contractors to get low cost materials so he can keep building these houses for others. He has even launched a crowdfunding campaign called “Mythpla” (My Tiny House Project LA) in order to get all the help he can.  You can check his GoFundMe page out and see more details.

“I’d like to offer purpose to these people in need and hire them to build the houses with me. I’ve even set an appointment with LA’s Mayor Eric Garcetti to try and get his help,” said Elvis. “The city owns or controls many properties which are just sitting collecting dust and could be used, even temporarily, to help save lives.”

What do you think about Elvis’ mission? Pretty inspiring stuff here, especially when you see how much it means to people in need. Please share your thoughts and comments!

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