This Guy Shows You How to Win Over the Woman Of Your Dreams

By Jack Day

It’s fairly common these days to see a fake arrest turn into a marriage proposal, they even have a code for it, a 10-29. This time there is a slight twist to the whole thing. This guy was doing it not just because he wanted to marry the mother of his two children and spend the rest of his life with the woman of his dreams, but also for the shot at getting the whole thing paid for. A local radio station, Country 94.1, was having a contest for the craziest proposal and so Ben Vienneau decided if nothing else, he was at least going to come out the other end with another title to his name: husband.


The moment of truth is a little tense. As you can see from this photo the two not only got married, but they also won the contest. $20,000 wedding, done! I just hope they at least invited a few of those cops.

How about you?  Did you do something crazy or romantic when you proposed?  Or perhaps you need some advice?  Let’s get some comments going fellas! 

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