This Guy Is Helping Homeless People Find Their Families Using the Power Of Social Media

By Jack Day

Kevin Adler had a really good idea last Christmas when he filmed a homeless man looking to find his sister and uploaded the video to YouTube. Within an hour the sister was tagged on social media and a month later after some fundraising the two were reunited.

So Adler thought why not travel across the country and go from city to city to upload more stories in hopes of making more reunions.

Using nothing but his smartphone, Adler films a message from each person and uploads the videos to social media and YouTube as part of his Miracle Messages program.

The goal is reunite 100 homeless people with their families. When asked why he was doing it, Adler said it was to honor the memory of his Uncle Mark, who lived more than 30 years on the streets.

Watch the video to see the details on Adler’s tour of compassion as he shows us yet one more awesome use for social media.

What do you think about the Miracle Messages project? Have you ever done something for someone in need? Please tell us your comments and share this story with your friends and family.

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