This Guy Is Cleaning Up the Streets Of Thailand, One Dirty Dog at a Time

By Jack Day

Sometimes all it takes to have an impact on the world around you is to do the little things. Fortunately there are people out in that big world like Sorasart Wisetsin who believes in that notion. He lives in Bangkok, Thailand where it is believed that more than 120,000 stray dogs roam the streets, like this cute pup named Gluta.
Sorasart wanted to help somehow, so he started by adopting Gluta. Then he felt compelled to do more, so he started collecting other strays and gave them baths. The little relief that being clean brings can be a powerful thing, even for a homeless dog. The look of satisfaction on their faces after their bathes is one we can all relate to.

What do you think about Sorasart’s actions? Would you ever think to help out your local strays with a nice wash down? Please share your thoughts and if you want to learn more and help out click this link for Soi Dog Foundation to see how the folks over there are trying to improve the lives of stray dogs and cats in Thailand.

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