This Guy Can’t Believe that Someone He Just Met Could Be This Generous

By Jack Day

Sometimes in life, you just have to blaze your own trail. That was the thinking of Jared Auger, a resident of Bountiful, Utah and local entrepreneur. Before Auger met another resident, Richard Uhl, he was performing his job of uninstalling old satellite dishes by foot. He would throw his ladder on his shoulders and hit the neighborhoods in search of potential customers, all the while happy to be providing a service.

Then he caught the attention of Uhl one day and the two started talking. Within a few moments Uhl was telling Auger to get into his car because he had something to show him. Not one to say no to a friendly face, Auger got in and the two went over to Uhl’s home.

It was there that he surprised Auger with a car that he said he wasn’t using. The price: free ninety-nine! Watch the video to see the details on how this chance encounter moved a stranger to help out his fellow man in need.

What do you think about the story? Would you just give away a car to someone you just met? Or have you done one better than Uhl? Please tell us your stories and share this one with your family and friends.

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