This Good Highway Samaritan Lost His Car In 2011, This Time Someone Returned the Favor

By Anne Cacherell

Even heroes need guardian angels. Meet Thomas Weller, also known as the San Diego Highway Man, a mechanic and a nationally recognized Good Samaritan.

It all goes back to 1964, when Weller’s car plowed into a snowbank in Illinois. A man saved him by pulling him out and in return, he just asked Weller to pass on the favor of helping others in need. Two years later, he began helping stranded motorists and asked for no payment but to pass on the kindness by helping someone in distress. For 50 years, Weller has been doing this public service.

However, in 2011, a motorist crashed into his Beulah, a 1955 Ford Station Wagon. After hearing Weller’s story on the Mike Slater radio show, Vista resident Rick Moore called in right away and offered to fix his beloved car free of charge. Watch the emotional moment when the Highway Man gets reunited with his Beulah and how he was lost for words for the kindness he received.

“If I cannot do great things, I will do small things in a great way.” Do you find Weller’s dedication to help others impressive? Share with us your thoughts.

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