This Filmmaker Wants You to Experience His Movies Instead of Just Watching Them


By Jack Day

If there is one thing that filmmaker Chirs Milk knows, it is that the power of film can change more than just minds. His unique vision surrounding the way we watch things is paving new frontiers for the next era of movie making. Using a 360-degree 3D camera and mic gizmo that Chirs and his team developed, they shot their first movie in Syria to document the lives of refugees living in one of the world’s largest encampments.

The point is to not simply tell a story, but to immerse the viewer into the world of what they’re watching. When you look to the right, your view point moves to the right. When you look down, the camera looks down, and you see everything around you as you would if you were actually there. By stepping into the movie or video it is as if your are participating in the action and get a strong sense that everything that is happening is that much more real.

When Milk took the completed film and some VR headsets to the World Economic Forum, the response was overwhelmingly positive. Currently he’s hoping to catch the attention of the United Nations in order to spread the word about devastated areas across the globe using his technology. With the emphatic functionality of the VR concept, Milk is on the verge of revolutionizing the way we watch video.

This almost reminds me of a movie from the 90’s called Strange Days where people were able to watch videos that they could feel. Do you think you would like being “in” the movie instead of “outside” looking in? There is also the humanitarian possibilities to explore as well. Please share your thoughts and comments.

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