This Extremely High Tech Teddy Bear Is All Set to Help Sick Kids

By Jack Day

As robots continue to become more and more common in our lives, one must wonder how far they can go with the design and of course the level of intelligence. For instance, MIT is creating a robot that interacts with children who are undergoing cancer treatment and other traumatizing procedures due to illnesses. The whole point of Huggable, the emotional support teddy bear robot, is to help kids better cope with the experience of their battles.

At one point in the video Huggable plays a game of I spy with a little girl and is able to actually recognize the color and shape of objects, as well as determine if the girls guess is correct. Impressive! Watch for yourself to see how this amazing technology is only the beginning of the coming robotics revolution in medicine and everywhere else.

What do you think about our computer brained friends? Are you a Transhumanist or just someone who appreciates that the technology is being used to help sick kids? Please share your thoughts and comments!

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