This Drug Addict’s Story is One With a Happy Ending You Need to See

By Richard K. Noots

While some recreational drug use can be fun, other times it can lead a person down a dark and demented road. For most, this road never ends. Imgur user Narcarssis was one of those who could not fend his demons away. Luckily, help came from a source that helped him correct his path.

Here she is.
1 help arrived

Now he looks much better!
2 much better

However, help was not one-sided.
3 but help was both ends

She herself had some weight issues she wanted to improve on.
4 before after


After teaming up on work outs, they teamed up on hobbies.
5 new hobbies

Whatever catches their fancy, of course.
6 hiking

There’s the happy couple now!
7 so happy

Now, that’s one heck of a turnaround, eh?

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