This Dad Lets His Son’s Artistic Imagination Run Wild & You Won’t Believe the Canvas He Uses

By Jack Day

If you ever drew as a kid, then you will appreciate what this one dad has done for his son.  Keith Anderson noticed that his son Kai took to art at an early age.  So he thought how cool it would be to encourage the little guy by letting him create some of his own unique tattoo designs.  But not just for fun, so that he could actually get the drawings tattooed on his body.  Every since then the two have been artist and medium.  Now 10, Kai even does some of the inking himself.









I think I would be weirded out if a kid was doing a tattoo on my arm, but I think it also would be really cool!  I have no tattoos though, so I don’t even know what getting one from an adult would feel like.  How about you?  Would you let your child’s imagination play out on in the form of tattoo art?  How about body piercing?  Please tell us your thoughts and share any crazy stories you might have!

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