This Company Empowers You to Change the World You See

By Anne Cacherell

Microsoft transforms your world into a mixed reality computing platform as it brings high-definition holograms to life. Empowering users to change the world they see, Windows Holographic with a HoloLens headset incorporates physical and virtual elements in a shared environment. Using your movement, vision and voice, it allows you to experience new ways to create, communicate, work and play.

This video features a demonstration of HoloLens’ functions, applications and components. It also presents a jaw-dropping and an insane vision of future computing and entertainment. Moreover, its cost hasn’t been announced yet but a Microsoft executive said that it would cost significantly more than a game console. Check out this exciting video.

Microsoft is revolutionizing the way we live. Are you excited about this Microsoft HoloLens? Share with us your thoughts.

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