This Community’s Inspiring Unity Helps a Neighbor to Pay For Medical Equipment

By Anne Cacherell

Two-year-old boy Paxton McClung of Locust Grove, Georgia, was born with Cortical Dysplaysia, a congenital abnormality in the brain’s development that results to severe seizure or epilepsy.

In order to build his leg muscles to improve his mobility, Paxton needed a piece of equipment called a “stander” that costs about $4,300. Unfortunately, this device that would hopefully help the child to be able to walk someday is not covered by the insurance companies.

Knowing that she can’t depend on the insurance companies for this vital piece of medical equipment, Paxton’s mother, Megan, organized a garage sale and posted it on Facebook.

Upon learning about the announcement, the whole village rallied around the yard sale and showed an overwhelming support for this fundraising campaign. The neighborhood auction raised $3,600. In addition, the community also set up a GoFundMe page which raised an additional $3,000.

In an interview with WSB-TV Atlanta, Megan said, “It will help him build muscle in his legs and his abs so that he’ll be able to hopefully walk, and stand up and crawl and sit up and all the things we’ve been looking forward to.”

What can you say about the concerted effort and solidarity in Locust Grove community to help this little boy with his condition? Share with us your thoughts.

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