This Celebrity Is About to Do Something that Will Renew Your Faith In the Rich & Famous
By Jack Day

Sometimes the simplest video can make a profound statement. While giving up your seat on a train or bus is not exactly grounds for humanitarian of the year, when it is a celebrity who does it, it’s kind of a big deal. Here we see Keanu Reeves minding his own business on a subway when a woman gets on and stands next to him. He wastes no time giving her his seat, and some other rider happen to catch him in the act.

I know it was not much to really see, but what do think about Neo’s kind act? Pretty big of a celebrity like him to be giving up his seat to the normies of the world. I liked him before, now I think he’s just a good person all around. Got any stories of your own about little actions that speak louder than words? Please share!

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