This Blind Soccer Fan Shows Us Why He Doesn’t Need Eye Sight to Live His Dream

By Jack Day

The video is not in English, so you will have to use the power of perception to interpret the joy that is being displayed on your screen. Or if you speak Spanish then you’ll be straight. It’s actually kind of similar, but not quite the same thing, as to what the young man is doing. Blind, but not unable to see, this fan met his favorite soccer players and was able to tell them apart simply by touching their heads and faces. This is proof that a person can still see even without the power of physical sight. It just takes a little more heart. For this boy his heart must have been so big that two working eyes would not even have mattered. What a great gesture by the soccer team to make this kid’s dream come true!

If you speak Spanish then please by all means, enlighten the rest of us! Either way this had to touch your heart right? Tell us your thoughts please!

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