This Award-Winning Actor & Wildlife Advocate Agrees to Become the Foster Father Of This Tiny Winged Creature Of the Night

By Anne Cacherell

Award winning actor and wildlife advocate Johnny Depp has pledged to sponsor a baby bat that was orphaned and found injured in the recent Queensland thunderstorm.



During his stay in Australia to film the new sequel of the Pirates of the Caribbean, Depp heard about the rescue and agreed right away to pay for the animal’s care and become the foster father of this tiny winged flying fox. The Australian Bat Clinic and Wildlife Trauma Centre officials named her Jacki Sparrow to honor Depp’s onscreen pirate character.


Furthermore, Depp also invited the bat’s caretakers to the set of the film. Ashley Fraser, one of the volunteers, told Brisbane Times, “It was an amazing opportunity; he was so kind and thoughtful. It was an absolute pleasure and honor to have met him.”

Do you find this baby bat cute? In your own small way, how can you show support to the rescue and conservation of animals? Share with us your thoughts.

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