This Artist Who Once Gave Up On His Dreams Has Some Powerful Words For Quitters

By Jack Day

Have you ever given up on a dream because you thought you couldn’t achieve it? Maybe it was because you were intimidated by others, or worse, yourself. Everyday people are faced with every type of obstacle that is in the way of their goals and some seem more impossible to overcome than others. That was the case for artist Phil Hansen when he noticed one day while still in art school that he started to develop a shake in his hand. Thinking that such a development meant he would never get a career in art, Phil quit school and art altogether.

A few years later Phil went to see a neurologist who gave him the bad news: the shake was here to stay and there was nothing they could do to fix it. Crushed again, Phil started to feel the same pain he experienced when the shake first started. But then the doctor said something that would change everything: “Why don’t you just embrace the shake?”

Phil had never thought of that before. After all, some of the greatest artists, musicians, and writers in history suffered from some debilitating factor that they simply learned to incorporate into their abilities. Listen to Phil’s Ted talk in the video and you will understand how he was able to mentally accept his handicap and use it to his advantage. It is a great story about overcoming the things in this life that we all allow to hold us back. I think you owe it to yourself to live the life you always wanted, and this artist can help.

What did you think about Phil’s story? Does it sound familiar? Please tell us about the things in life that held you back and how you have either overcome them or learned to live with them. You might just help someone else who needs some inspiring words. Don’t forget to share this awesome story with your friends and family.

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