This American Soldier Received An Unexpected Invitation From a Teenager He Saved 18 Years Ago

By Anne Cacherell

Retired Lieutenant Colonel Greg Peppin was surprised when he received an invitation to attend a high school graduation of Lava Barwari, a teenager he saved from Iraq 18 years ago.

Lava’s mother, Awaz Barwari is a member of an ethic group targeted by Saddam Hussein’s government for genocide. In 1996, she was offered asylum in the United States to escape the kill list. However, Lava, who was just 36-days old at the time wasn’t included in the list. When Peppin spotted the family, he immediately intervened and offered his help.

Find out how he did it by watching this 2-minute video clip.

What this American soldier did to save the Barwari family deserves huge respect and admiration. Do you find Peppin’s act honorable and heroic? Share with us your thoughts.

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