This 90 Year Old Turtle Will Teach You a Thing Or Two About Survival

By Jack Day

If you ever need a word to describe unfathomable tenacity, just use turtle.  Like that guy who survived 127 hours in the desert and cut his arm off, he totally turtled it.  Or the guy who saved his buddy in mid air when he was having a seizure, just using his turtle power.  The pilot who landed that plane on the Hudson River, turtling to the max!

OK, enough of that.  The reason I’m so crazy over turtles is because of this story about a 90 year old half shelled warrior they call Mrs. T.  While hibernating this past winter some rats got to her and bit up her front legs so bad that she couldn’t walk anymore.  Fearing they would have to put her down, Mrs. T’s owners were distraught.  The family turtle, done in by toe nibbling rats.

That was until their engineer son had a genius idea and quickly crafted a new pair of legs for the young lady.  Using a pair of old model wheels, an axle, and some powerful resin, Mrs. T was back to boogieing in no time.  Her owners are proud of their oldest family member and are hopeful she’ll be around for another 90 years.  By then we should have robotic shells and head transplants so I feel confident that she just might be.

What do you think about the tenacious Mrs. T? Do you have any pets that needed some mechanical modifications?  Please share your stories and comments with us.  

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