This 5-Year Old Kid Philanthropist Raises Thousands Of Dollars to Help Sick Children

By Anne Cacherell

Teaching your little ones about the importance of giving, sharing and responding to the needs and the suffering of others increases their well-being. Meet Haylen Astalos, the 5-year-old boy of Blackfalds in Alberta, Canada, who understand the idea of kindness very well.
For his 5th birthday, Haylen’s parents asked the guests to bring 2 $5 bills, one for the birthday boy and the other one for the charity of his choice. The little philanthropist ended with $200, half of which he donated to Ronald McDonald House Central Alberta.

“Once we told him about Ronald McDonald House and how they help sick kids, that was instantly his choice,” Haylen’s mother Tabitha Astalos said. “It was pretty cool to hear him say that and to make the choice on his own.”



To continue helping the sick children and raise more funds for the charity, the young Alberta boy decided to open “Haylen’s Ice Cream Shop,” where he sells $2 popsicles and other frozen treats. His mother also created a Facebook page for him to show her full support and to encourage others to participate in the cause.
Haylen successfully raised $2,617.21 on his first donation drive. His next goal is to reach $3,009 – a figure that we are confident he has a specific plan for.
What do you think is the importance of encouraging the kids to help others? Were you inspired by this little boy’s kindness? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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