Think Like a Boss, Eat Like a Boss, & Own Your Life While Being the Boss

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By Mike Venture

I don’t about you guys, but have you noticed how much stuff is on the internet about starting a new business? I look at so much information on a daily basis that it’s crazy to me how big that ocean has become.

But in all of that exploring you can find some awesome advice if you’re serious about starting a business and changing your life. Just like a workout routine, you have to know what steps to avoid and what habits to develop. And no matter what you’re doing with your business plans, it never hurts to eat healthier along the way.

  • Wake up on the right side of the bed and learn the seven ways to start your day like an entrepreneur
  • Then check out these three protein packed meals to start your day and the three biggest mistakes to avoid in your eating habits
  • Next on your agenda is to take ownership of your life through entrepreneurship
  • It also might not be bad to take a look at why entrepreneurs need to get a hobby along the way
  • Especially if you exhibit any of the seven innocent habits that could be holding you back from success, which I came out 7 for 7, ouch.
  • Which means you should check out the six things guaranteed to kill your startup dreams
  • And the eight personality traits that repel good people out of your life
  • Then further expand your mind through meditation and explore your consciousness with life advice from Bill Murray
Mornings Can Suck, But Good Habits Will Help

In order to get your new “work” out routine going you need to think like a boss. What does that mean? In Carmelo Hannity’s piece 7 Ways to Start Your Day Like An Entrepreneur you learn it’s all about: setting goals, creating a map of your day, and starting with the worst first.

It also means forcing yourself to get up early every day! But I know you don’t have a problem with that, right?

It’s all good though, because you get to eat one of these 3 protein packed breakfasts and start your day right. If you have never made a frittata I highly encourage you to make one of these bad boys and enjoy the awesomeness.

And in case you ever wondered what CEO’s eat for breakfast, take a look at this cool infographic for some good ideas for your own plate.

To keep the goodness flowing throughout the day, check out these three nutrition mistakes to avoid. I struggle with the second one, but I have discovered that if you just go to bed earlier you can’t be awake to eat! Genius!

Take Ownership & Be Yourself

When it comes to being the man with the vision you have to own it. That’s why Ryan Michler’s podcast Taking Ownership of Your Life Through Entrepreneurship is such a great source of inspiration. Michler interviews Tom Reber, entrepreneur and the founder of Strongpreneur Nation who shares,

“…the 5 most important reasons you should consider starting a business, the bare minimums you’ll need to get started, and how you can take ownership of your life through entrepreneurship.”

It’s really about gaining insight and knowledge from a man who has experienced the ups and downs of starting a company.

The downs are exactly why Philip Kushmaro says entrepreneurs should get a hobby. For one thing they can be a huge stress relief and may even help unlock some knowledge your creative side can give you about your business.

Just Don’t Let Distractions Be Another Word For Hobbies

Over at, Brandon Turner hits us hard with The 7 Seemingly Innocent Habits Holding You Back From Success. Shedding or at least shoring up some of these habits can not only give you more time, but also give you the focus you need to be successful.

Like when it comes to avoiding the 6 Ways to Kill Your Startup and the 8 Personality Traits That Repel Good People Out Of Your Life. It can be very exciting when you’re starting a business, so learn how not to put the cart before the horse or talk your way out of business deal.

Open Your Mind & Let the Wisdom Of Bill Murray Guide You

Achieving true Zen might not be something you have time to accomplish in this or even a hundred lifetimes. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t learn about and try the twenty powerful methods of meditation that open your mind. Or the ten ways you can expand your consciousness in order to become a man who possesses an awareness of great truths.

Like Bill Murray, whose wisdom offers such brilliance as,

“I made a lot of mistakes and realized I had to let them go … Don’t think about your errors or failures, otherwise you’ll never do a thing.”

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