Success & Sacrifice Go Hand In Hand, Learn How to Create a Balance Between Both & Achieve Your Goals

Image by: Michael Pardo
By Dave Andrews

My friend Brandon is successful, good-looking and has an above-average IQ level. However, there is something about him that seems to drive women away.

Let’s just say that Brandon is a beauty prince. He is fussier than any woman I know when it comes to grooming himself. His bathroom cabinet is full of beauty products and he takes longer than his date to get ready. The guy even applies hand lotion and lip moisturizer almost every hour.

Although I’ve never judged Brandon for all his beauty rituals, I also can’t blame the women who’ve left him to be with someone who is, if nothing else, less maintenance than themselves!

Guys, if you are struggling to meet the right woman or land the right job, you could be exhibiting unattractive and harmful characteristics that you may not realize are turning women and life, OFF.

You Don’t Believe In Your Greater Purpose

You allow garbage in your mind. Your plate is full of negativity saying: “I hate myself. No one will ever want me. I am not as interesting as anyone else. I am not good enough. Or I need someone in my life to complete me.”

To cultivate self-belief, you must cut out all of this kind of crap in your head, ref-rame your thinking and figure out what you live for. Having a purpose can change your life instantly. It gives you some sense of self-worth and a whole new attitude and perspective on life.

In love, for instance, if you are in the dating arena and have been looking for a while for “the one’ but you aren’t having any luck, perhaps you need more than a lucky break, perhaps what you need is a mindset shift to change your self-limiting beliefs.

In my opinion, if you’re looking for a relationship to complete your, either you will end up getting a broken heart or mess up the life of your partner. You have to learn to create your own happiness and work on your insecurities first before you can be in a genuine and healthy relationship with someone else.

You’re A Man Without a Plan

Not having a vision of your future, not thinking about your security and not making goals for the day can diminish your attractiveness significantly. When you don’t have a plan or purpose, it means that you’re just going with the flow, you’re basically lost and your life has no direction.

You may be looking sexy with your well-chiseled abs or dashing with your pretty face, but if you lack ambition, that’s more than enough to turn girls off and stay away from you. Dude, no woman in her right mind would want to settle down with someone without aspirations.

And no, you don’t have to be a millionaire or become the next president of the United States. You just have to think well in advance and avoid procrastinating and making last minute, uninformed decisions.

And to help you come up with some good marketing plans for the holidays, writer John Rampton shares these 10 ways that could help you shake off your bad business practices.

You Look Unfit

One of the biggest repellants of potential serious relationships is carrying that unhealthy look. Your eyes are red and swollen because stress doesn’t allow you to sleep good at night. You look weak because your body is inactive and you’re not exercising. And you’re always feeling tired and sick because you’re not eating right.

Start taking care of your health and give your body the respect it deserves by shaking off those fats, avoiding foods that are not good for you and getting rid of bad habits that can make your skin wrinkle up like smoking and drinking alcohol.

To help you improve your physical, mental, and cardiovascular health, Dr. Jennifer Haythe suggests practicing 45 minutes of yoga at least 3x per week.

According to some research studies, yoga can also:

• Lessen your episodes of abnormal heart rhythm over a three-month period
• Reduce stress
• Improve your glucose tolerance, insulin insensitivity, cholesterol level and blood pressure
• Increase your flexibility and exercise capacity

Guys, increasing your hotness level requires a little sacrifice on your part. You have to take some time to care for yourself. Make some conscious effort to practice good grooming, fix your style and most importantly, monitor your own health and wellness.

You Can’t Get Over the Past

You have been carrying wounds that are keeping you back from enjoying the present. Those negative feelings that you created out of your failures, mistakes and indecision’s are prohibiting you from seeing life from a bigger perspective, from optimizing your well-being and from creating better relationships.

To let go of your past hurts. You must actively pursue forgiveness by acknowledging that misunderstanding is part of life. You must find a place of humility to accept in your heart that everyone is prone to losing their way and is looking for the path back home.

So, stop the madness and start paving the way for your own happiness. There’s nothing uglier than a soul that is confined in its tiny little world and wallows in sadness, bitterness and shame. Set yourself free by allowing greater understanding, recognizing your inner strength and choosing real forgiveness in your heart.

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