They Don’t Have Law Degree’s, But These Court Room Pooches Can Help In Other Ways

By Jack Day

As I sit here and write this I am scheduled to appear in court tomorrow for a traffic ticket. I swear I wasn’t speeding! You see what happened was…ah nevermind, just know that I am an innocent man! So when I came across this story about emotional support dogs being used in court houses in King County, Washington I kind of wished my state would have thought of that. Court is stressful enough no matter what the reason is for you having to be there. Sometimes for kids and victims who are dealing with very emotional cases a little unconditional love can be just the thing they need. Enter a lovable pooch who will sit beside them and do his/her best to melt away their fear.

I have been to court enough over the years (strictly speeding tickets people!) to know how uncompassionate the environment is, that’s why I think this is a genius idea and hope more courtrooms around the country begin implementing a similar program.

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