These Two Men Survived a Plane Crash 40 Years Ago as Babies, Today Their Bond Is Unbreakable

By Jack Day

Ever heard of Operation Baby Lift?  If you are old enough to remember the war in Vietnam then you just might.  In 1975 one of the last missions the United States military performed while in Vietnam was getting infants and children out of the war ravaged country.  Under the initiative drafted by President Gerald Ford a total of over 3,000 children were put on planes and sent to the United States.

One of those planes carrying nearly 250 kids, a C5-A aircraft meant for cargo, must have had some type of serious damage. Twelve minutes after take off it ripped apart in mid air and crashed into a rice paddy.  Only 150 of the children survived, and became known as miracle babies.  Two of those survivors are Shane Dewey and Adam Vance.  Nearly 40 years after the tragic even the two men have finally met for the first time.  In the video Shane talks about what it means to be a survivor and the connection he has with Adam:

“I can only go with what I feel, and I can always tell you that the bond between survivors is greater than any other bond I have with another person.”

I think when they realized that it was them in the photo next to each other back in 1975 was one of the best moments.  What a crazy roll of the dice life throws sometimes.  Please tell us your thoughts and share any experiences of survival!

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