These Sunglasses Helped Them See a Whole New World that They’ve Been Missing Out On

By Anne Cacherell

Colorblind people don’t see the world like the way most people normally see it. For them, almost every color looks the same and almost everything around them is grey. They live their life unable to see the color spectrum that exists.

In line with this, Valspar Paint and EnChroma launched Color for the Colorblind campaign. This powerful 4-minute video project gives the colorblind the opportunity to experience what they have been missing out on and see a world of color to its fullest through special correcting sunglasses.

Manufactured in aviator-style, these sunglasses are designed to filter specific portions of the color spectrum and remove overlapping wavelengths which cause color confusion. It is also 100% UV blocking.

Seeing these people’s reactions to sunset and a child’s crayon drawing are indeed priceless. Are you going to share this good news with your friends and family? Do you like this story? Leave us your comments below.

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