These Prisoners Sing Out Their Fear of Dying Alone & Their Desire to Come Home

By Anne Cacherell

The universality of art provides everyone a sense of freedom. It gives people wings to express themselves and voices to make themselves heard.

The Lady Lifers at Muncy State Prison in Pennsylvania uses the power of music to share their experiences in prison, their fear of dying alone and their hope to be given a chance to freedom.

When one faces a life sentence without the possibility of parole, the dilemma is not only limited to the restlessness of the soul for committing a crime.  It also resides in the prisoner’s ability to continue living a life with a purpose behind bars.  For most of us, who have been living our lives with freedom, it is not easy to fully understand their sufferings and frustrations.  Thanks to the compassionate members of our society and their positive efforts to make it possible for these people to strengthen their voice and be heard.

Watch The Lady Lifers’ souls shine as they sing, “This Is Not My Home.”

With support from various organizations and artists, these prisoners now have stronger voices. Do you think the government should come up with more rehabilitation projects for the inmates? Share with us your thoughts.

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