These Friendly Reminders Will Show You that It’s Never Too Late to Start Doing Things Your Way

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By William Scott

Before I tell you about my recent eye-opening encounter, I want you to know that it will do the same for you my friend. Here’s a preview:

  • The fact that you still haven’t found your “true passion” in life is not a sign of failure, but rather a great opportunity to achieve success.
  • No financial reality can limit your happiness. When there’s control, there’s liberty.
  • Your body is your best friend when it comes to accomplishing amazing things.
  • Listen to yourself before worrying about anyone else.

Don’t worry guys, I’m not going to turn into the elderly aunt we all encounter every Christmas dinner who thinks it’s her duty to give us the “friendly reminder” that we’re already 5 years late for marriage.

If you do fall prey to your aunt’s psychology, please make sure you can say “I do” to these 10 signs before expecting THE “I do” at the altar.

What I want to share with you is more literal than the title might suggest, given the fact that it was an actual friend who, unknowingly, reminded me of a couple of crucial things that I’d lost along the way.

Words Of Wisdom

Alex wasn’t one of those inseparable buddies you make in college, but we did take a couple of classes together and became good friends at the time.

We pretty much lost touch after graduation, until we recently crossed each other at a common friend’s birthday party.

Although we only talked for as long as it takes to finish two beers, that conversation was enough to make me reconsider a lot of things I previously believed in.

I’ve always felt guilty about my constant dissatisfaction regarding almost every project I’ve started in life, whether academic, professional or personal. I just tend to think that,

“I can’t picture myself doing this for the rest of my life.”

Don’t get me wrong, I do love all of those things, I just feel that it may not be enough. I mean, JUST this?

For this reason, I often find myself in a situation where I need to choose between two or more passions that I would like to pursue in life, and always end up discarding the rest for the sake of the “better one.”

When I told Alex that I still wasn’t sure what optimal professional route I should take, I was prepared to hear what I’ve been hearing my whole life:

“Stop dreaming about what you would like to do, and start doing what you’re supposed to do.”

Oh boy, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

“Why Choose?”

With those two words, Alex solved one of the biggest obstacles in my life. It wasn’t obvious at first. I mean, why do I have to choose? Ehmm, maybe because I can’t be a lawyer, a writer, and an athlete at the same time.

Well, that might be a little complicated example, but the point is, who says we can only choose one thing?

It’ll start making sense right now.


Multi what?! Yeah, that was my first reaction too, until Alex explained to me that it refers to people who are so ambitious and passionate that they will never be happy doing “just one thing.”

After our conversation, I did my own research and was convinced that I wasn’t alone.

Why Figuring Out What To Do Isn’t Necessary For Success is one of the most complete and useful articles I’ve found so far regarding this subject.

If you never quite figured out the “What do you want to be when you grow up?” enigma, this is a must read for you. It will explain why you’re not lazy or undecided, you just have too much to offer!

What would be the point of developing our true potential as men if we’re only going to be able to practice ONE set of skills for the rest of our lives?

Oh, and remember: just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean you will enjoy doing it, so don’t even think about it making you happy!

If this sad reality seems crazy to you, then my friend, you’re one of the few who isn’t crazy.

Sure, deciding to give your life some meaning instead of living just to pay the bills can be a pretty risky move.

Whether you’re thinking about quitting your old job, pursuing a hobby, managing your time to run multiple businesses, developing your own concept, etc., you’ll always face emotional, economical or physical pressures at the beginning.


…It’s All Worth It!

You can’t be a more miserable than the man who wakes up every single morning to do something that he hates.

One the other hand, when you’re truly motivated to achieve something you’ve been striving for, who or what is going to stop you?

Another great lesson Alex gave me that night was that money is relative. He told me that what matters most is not how much money you make, but how well you manage it.

So if you decide to quit your current job to pursue the things you love and develop multiple sources of income at your own pace, you don’t need to worry if things are tough at first.

You just need to change your financial habits!

It’s never too late to change the way you spend (or save) your money, and I just found the perfect guide to help you outsmart your paycheck.

The article explains the importance of setting specific financial planning habits in order to:

  • Keep track of your expenses with the help of mobile apps.
  • Set and achieve specific saving goals.
  • Get the best rates out of credit card
  • Have the fun you deserve without sacrificing your finances.

And about those other pressures? You’re in control too, buddy!

Nobody should rule the way we live, but ourselves.

Right before saying goodbye, Alex left me with another thought that I sure won’t forget.

“Don’t let them get into your head. Remember, you’re in charge.”

You need to apply that idea to EVERY aspect of your life, not just business.

It’s like this article I came across about listening to your body instead of everything else. There is so much pressure from outside sources to act, look, and live a certain way that you don’t even notice yourself dismissing clues your own body gives you.

Take a look at the suggestion about using small interval motions as a catalyst for creating serious change in your approach to taking better care of your body and mind.

That doesn’t mean we should stop worrying about our image just to contradict what is expected from us, but the other way around.

Start working out and get the six-pack you’ve always wanted. But do it because you WANT to take care of your body, not because you SHOULD look ripped.

In fact, don’t even listen to the way you “should” exercise. Even your body knows that you’ll get better results by listening to its needs instead of what other people think it’s best for you, and this article about the Rest Based Training has all the proof you need.

As long as you keep your life in order, and by order I mean based on your definition of such word, you’re going to be able to boost you motivation and, therefore, your success. Once you master this way of living, you will understand that true happiness comes from within, and not from the outside world.

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