These Fifth Graders Made a Pact On the Playground to Take Action Against Bullying

By Anne Cacherell

When you have brothers who got your back through good and bad, be happy, because deep inside you know that you will never be alone.

Special needs child James Willmert has always been a target for bullies because of his condition and learning disability. Having witnessed James being taken advantage of and picked on by other students, Jack Burgess, Gus Gartzke, Tyler Jones, Landon Kopischke and Jake Pemble of Franklin Elementary School in Mankato, Minnesota, decided that they would have James’ back.

They also learned that James was adopted from an orphanage in Colombia, and that six years later, he lost his foster father in a bicycle accident.

Furthermore, because of their outstanding behavior and chivalrous efforts to fight bullying, these 5 boys were given the Spirit of Youth Award by the Mankato Area Public Schools association.

If anti-bullying programs will be included in every school’s curriculum, how do you think it would impact the behavior of the students outside their classrooms? Share with us your thoughts.

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