These 10 Insane Photos Are all over 80 Years Old!

By Richard K. Noots

Ever look at old-timey photos? Well, they can be a great example of what we were like in the past. However, most photos you see from previous generations are them trying to look their best. It can give our ancestors a sense of … Prudishness. Luckily, these photos will give you a real example of what life was like back then. It turns out they were just as cheeky as us!

1920s Prank Photos
1920s prank photos

Beauty Pageant Winners in 1922
1922 beauty pageant winners
Standards were … A bit more lax.

Early Pin Machines
early pin machines

How People Woke Up Before Alarm Clocks
How people woke up before alarm clocks

Mobile Holding Center
Mobile holding center


Sarcasm against the Prohibition movement in 1919!
sarcastic photo 1919

First Selfie Circa 1839
selfie 1839 robert cornelius
His name? Robert Cornelius.

Statue of Liberty being unpacked.
SoL unpacked

These guys are kings!
These guys are kings 1910 king edward vii died
Currently at King Edward VII’s funeral.

Women in the 1900s sneezed just like us!
woman sneezing 1900

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