These 10 Buildings Must Have Driven Engineers Crazy!

By Richard K. Noots

We all know the buildings in our country can be very unique. I mean, we have the Space Needle in Seattle, Las Vegas, and many other wonders around the USA. However, what about the rest of the world? Many locations remain unknown to our citizens, despite them being almost natural wonders. So today, we’ve brought these buildings to your computer screen! Why not take a break from work and give yourself a scroll?

Atomium in Brussels
atomium brussels

Bubble House in France
bubble house france

Casa Batllo, in Espana!
casa batllo spain

Crazy Domain?
crazy domain poland

Dalet’s Crazy House
dalats house spain


The Dancing House of Prague
dancing house prague

Donut Hotel, China
dount hotel china

Gibbon Treehouse
gibbon treehouse

Lotus Temple, China
lotus temple india

Spanish Library in Colombia
spanish library colombia

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