Their Mission to Spread Musical Opportunities to Children Made This Celebrity Sign a Big Fat Check

By Anne Cacherell

English vocalist, song-writer and television personality Ozzy Osbourne was very much impressed when he heard the Louisville Leopard Percussionists’ unique version of his signature song, Crazy Train, that he sent them a $10,000 donation.

This non-profit organization is composed of more than 60 student musicians ages 7-14, who reside in different zip codes and attend different schools around Louisville, Kentucky. In their mission to enrich lives and build harmonious communities, they offer extracurricular musical experiences and opportunities to local children to help them develop their musical appreciation, performance skills and their proficiency on playing various percussion instruments such as marimbas, bells, drums and many more.

This video features some of the members of the organization, from 4th-6th graders, while rehearsing Crazy train.

Do you know of any organization in your area that helps develop people’s inclination to music or other skill sets? How do you think these types of groups contribute to teaching values, responsibility and discipline to the community? Share with us your opinion.

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