The Sacrifice These Men Made Paved the Way For All Those Who Came After

By Jack Day

Curiosity is one of the great qualities we have as human beings. Not that animals are not curious, it’s just that we are the ones who build ships to go explore far away lands, even planets. Back when the South Pole was untouched by humans the first group of explorers were driven by that same natural curiosity to discover.

Like Englishmen Robert Falcon Scott, who constructed a small hut on Cape Evans, Antarctica that still stands today. The passion and determination that drove early explorers goes beyond admiration, as many of them often made the ultimate sacrifice for their cause. Although Scott and his entire team of men perished during their brave journey into the unknown, we are lucky enough to have their efforts preserved for generations to come thanks to two things.

The first is that it is so cold, many of the artifacts like newspapers, supplies, and even a penguin body were quite literally frozen in time. The other reason is do to the conservation efforts of men like Pip Cheshire and other architects who have stepped up to the task of preserving this hut and others like it.

“I think the thing that is really special about these huts, is that this is the only continent on Earth where the first structures of human occupation are still evident. That alone makes them extraordinary special. Also, they continue to have lessons for people, about the aspirations that people have…about the lengths that people will go to for discovery.

“The huts can be an example to people of that sort of commitment of going to where things are not known.”

What do you think about the hut at the bottom of the world? It always amazes me to hear not only about preservation efforts, but the history behind the subject as well. Please share your comments and thoughts with us.

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