The Proper Way to Camp Outdoors

By Richard K. Noots

Camping is fun. However, the monotonous tasks that can go into camping can be a huge turn-off to the whole thing. Sure, when you’re young it’s easy. You don’t even need a tent half the time, just a sleeping bag on the ground. As you get older though, sometimes doing stuff like that gets quite tiresome. Or maybe you just don’t have the drive/time for all that is required in camping. If that’s the case … Try one of these.

I call it the EZ Trailer!
EZ trailer

Looks pretty fancy.

Indoor Kitchen
o indoors kitchen


Privacy Galore

Small, but amiable.
small but amiable

Gotta say … Not half bad.
z kitchen

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  1. PAPolka says:

    I would totally go camping in something like this. I’m more of a tent camping kind of guy, but my wife likes to have a little indoor comfort and I think this would satisfy both of us.

  2. Adamly says:

    This looks like a custom DIY project to me. I love how the beds open to the outdoors. That would be a handy feature if you were camping somewhere remote with a lot of privacy.

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