The Power Of Hope Brought This Teen Back to Life
By Jack Day

It’s one thing to jump into a cold pool, it’s another to fall into an icy lake. That’s what happened to this teen recently when he was posing for a picture on exactly one of those.  John Smith was under the water for at least 15 minutes and was pronounced dead after doctors tried desperately to revive him for half an hour. It was his mothers loud prayers and demands from God that her son’s spirit come back to his body that suddenly caused a heartbeat to miraculously register on the machines.  48 Hours later and John was opening his eyes, back from the brink. The doctors and nurses involved were shocked to say the least, and John himself feels like it was the power of God that told him it was not it time yet.  Along with mom’s love of course.

What an inspiring story about this young athlete. Could you imagine being under the water for even more than a minute? Much less freezing ice water? It is truly amazing John is alive today. Do you have any stories you would like to share? Please do and feel free to comment!