The People’s Piano: A New Project Bringing Street Music to YOU

By Richard K. Noots

Luke Jeram and some friends got around one day and decided to do an amazingly inventive idea for the community. After producing a play in the UK, Luke was inspired to bring music to as many people as he could. Now, there are over 1,300 pianos installed over 45 cities in the world. What do you have to do to be apart of this? Find one and play! Or just listen. But if there isn’t one in your city, take the time to enjoy this video. Make sure to look out for a piano the next time you are traveling!

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  1. CraterP says:

    Interesting to think to put a piano right there where anyone can play it. I think that is a wonderful idea. It sounds like a lot of people can actually play the piano.

  2. Ralom says:

    Interesting but I wonder how many people actually stopped to play or listen. I would stop to listen but not play. I think it is a pretty cool idea though.

  3. DJHawke says:

    Fantastic idea – great way to spread happiness and community spirit amongst strangers. What a variety of styles, loved the jazz and the singing too. I don’t play piano but would love to hear others on one in the street.

  4. Franklinp717 says:

    I’m sure that those pianos will get played. Music is a balm to the soul, I think it’s awesome. Who knows, other people interested in donating could get on board.

  5. Synclair says:

    I think the fact that the piano hasn’t been damaged or stolen says a lot, don’t you? Anything that makes commuting a little more fun is good in my book, and the communities involved seem to feel the same.

  6. Kentucky Blue says:

    I can only play Chopsticks on the piano, so I’d not be much of an audience pleaser. Still, it’s the effort that counts, right? I’d love to learn to play more tunes.

  7. HunterD says:

    I love piano music and wish I had learned to play. Maybe in my retirement I will take it up. This is a terrific idea of letting people in the community enjoy playing and listening to piano music.

  8. Patrick says:

    Why not go for it now Hunter? This kind of thing should inspire people to get involved, and taking lessons would be fun, right? Maybe one day someone will be filming you playing a community piano!

  9. Hadwin says:

    I love this idea. I think that people need more opportunities in their lives to express how they feel through the art of music. I am very surprised that so many people know how to play so well, it is something that I never learned how to do.

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