The Next Time You Run Out Of Food, Try Calling 9-1-1 & Just Give Them Your List Like This Man Did

By Jack Day

When you ain’t got no food to eat, man there’s nothing worse! Hunger pains can be debilitating and for someone like 81 year old veteran Clarence Blackmon, it’s no joke. He had recently returned home after being in the hospital for several months after under going cancer treatment, except he must have forgot to stop at the grocery store. So he called 911 and asked very politely if someone could make an emergency supermarket trip for him.

The operator, Marilyn Hinson, felt for the man and knew that she had to do something for Blackmon. Without ruining the video, let’s just say Marilyn and the two cops who saved the poor vet from starvation deserve some major love.

I didn’t know police delivered anything other than swift justice! It’s really inspiring to see that they found it in their hearts to help out a lonely old man who once served his country. It really illustrates a great sense of community and was a truly awesome way for the cops to show their appreciation. Tell us what you think of the story and don’t forget to share it!

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