The Inspiration in Our Small Victories Comes From Big Battles

By Charlie DeWitts

John Wall had an amazing victory for the Washington Wizards in a recent Basketball game. However, his victory was inspired by a recent victim of cancer, a six year old named Miyah Telemaque-Nelson. She was just a girl who looked up to John, who had an amazing game with only her in mind. At the end, he couldn’t even accept his amazing game with the circumstances that surrounded Miyah. The price is victory is high, so what in life inspires you?

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  1. TimJF09 says:

    This video got me teary eyed and I am a hard guy to crack. I can only hope that this in some way helps the family of this deceased little girl get through this impossible time.

  2. Barton01 says:

    It’s always good to see an athlete and/or celebrity who is touched by something real like this. I don’t think God brought these two together so John Wall could help her family; I think it was the other way around and the little girl helped him.

  3. Mickey82 says:

    Me too. I was dong okay until Wall broke down at the end, and then I really felt it. Sometimes we are guilty of assuming tough sports guys are super human, well at least I am.

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