The Degree Of Difficulty This Guy Had to Go Through to Save a Terrified Dog Is Crazy

By Anne Cacherell

People, who put their lives in danger to save animals in need, may seem crazy to others, but in reality, they have passed the fundamental test on true morality.

A street dog had accidentally fallen into a deep pit in a construction site in India and couldn’t get out on his own.

The workers nearby heard the dog’s cry and reported it to Animal Aid Unlimited, a charitable organization based in Udaipur, Rajasthan, India. Their work focuses on vital movements to protect and rescue injured street animals and end animal abuse.

Upon learning of the incident, they sent Ganpat and his team to rescue the terrified dog immediately. Using only a rope tied on to his waist, Ganpat went down the pit, and tried to calm the scared dog before he carried it up to safety.

Your attitude towards animals is a measure of your humanity. Did you find Ganpat’s effort to rescue the street dog astonishing? Have you ever saved an animal from danger? Tell us your experience.

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