Here’s Why When Figuring Out the Cost Of Success, Your Ability to Stay Motivated Is Your Most Important Asset

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By Alvin Martin

One of the harsh truths I’ve learned is that the best things in life are not free. Everything comes with a price. It may not be in the form of money, but it always demands specific actions, changes of attitude, and great sacrifices. Unfortunately there’s no shortcuts, no workarounds, and there’s no easy way to pay for whatever you want to get in life.

As a single parent, I had to make many sacrifices in order to follow my dreams. I had to deal with my broken heart and heal from experiencing the mother of my child cheat on me with another guy. I had to take care of my son alone for many years and made sure that he was getting everything he needed. I also had to maintain my side business while working from 9-5 to earn extra income. And most importantly, I had to keep my sanity in check to get through each and every day.

However, it’s not that bad because whenever I see my son happy and every time he tells me how much he loves me and appreciates everything I’m doing for him, my world stops and I become the happiest father in the whole world.

Here’s what it takes to rocket your dream off the ground and live the life you want.

Being Your Own Coach, Cheerleader & Fan

In order to achieve greatness, you must have confidence to accomplish the impossible and the ability to pick yourself up when you fall down. Being your own coach means taking note of your own progress. Being your own cheerleader means believing in yourself when everybody else doubts your ability. It means not waiting for other people to create inspiration, affirmation or encouragement for you.

It means being your own motivation rather than depending on others to wipe your tears and cheer you up. Being your own fan means learning self-appreciation and self-love, and boosting your own self-esteem by telling yourself that you are awesome and that there is nothing that you cannot do once you put your mind to it.

Writer Daniella Whyte suggests asking yourself these 6 questions whenever slumpiness tries to take over your powerful and productive self.

Every time I try to break out of a motivational slump, I ask myself the 5th question on the list. This makes me realize that my project will not complete itself and that the only way to finish it is to get back to work!

Say Goodbye to Your Guilty Pleasures & Hello to Many Sleepless Nights

Your dreams and goals require drastic sacrifices along the way. You need to work 5x as hard as other people to create momentum. Also, you have to ditch some of your guilty pleasures such as watching your favorite late night shows and start getting your 8-hours of sleep to produce more results.

And to help you have a clear, sharp and alert mind after an all-nighter, check this out – “Not Getting Enough Sleep? How to Keep Your Energy Levels Up.”

These natural antidotes to sleeplessness will make your brain wake up, and fuel you with the necessary nutrition you need to begin your day and boost your work performance.

Look Fear In the Eye

Success requires you to be fearless because being afraid will just stop you from making things happen and hold you back from achieving anything and from living the kind of life you want to live.

In the piece “How to Reduce Stress,” writer AZU defines and describes fear as the root cause of stress because:

• Fear brings disorder in your experience causing you to be upset, frustrated, and helpless.
• Fear degrades even the most minute increments of your personal development and diverts your attention and willpower away from your goals.
• Fear is a source of many malfunctions in the human condition.

Guys, in order for you to achieve any kind of success, personal growth, or happiness in your life, you are expected to first come to terms with and work through your fears of failure, of getting rejected, and of dealing with changes and uncertainty. Do not try to justify it no matter what, because when you do, you will remain a prisoner to it and you’ll never be able to move beyond it. To find courage, you must acknowledge your power to make a choice and change things.

Break Hearts, Break Rules

If you want to get ahead of the crowd, you need to know when and how to break the rules. You can’t just sit there, do what everybody else is doing and wait for the next task your boss is going to give you.

To make a difference, you have to learn to take initiative, push boundaries, and find the courage to step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Also, you need to stick to your priorities even if it means saying NO to other people and disappointing them.

Writer Steve Dustcircle shares his story on how he and his wife decided to break the family tradition in order to live a more peaceful, practical and happier life.

In my opinion, when rules, traditions, and norms are pointless and irrational, it’s okay to change them or not do them at all, especially if it would result in paying more attention to things that truly matter and not wasting your time, money and energy on something that you do not like.

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