Taxidermy in the Victorian Age: It’s Just as Creepy as You Think

By Kenny G. Thompson

So, apparently in the 18th century is when taxidermy got it’s start. It immediately grew in popularity throughout the main world, but it was especially prevalent in Victorian England. Of course, it’s creepy as hell. But what isn’t that comes out of Victorian England? Really, every century before the 19th century sort of has a creepy uncle vibe I can’t get over. Here are 7 photos you prbably shouldn’t look at before bed.

Bunny party!
Bunny party!

Class is in session.

Courtesy of Hermann Ploucquet
Hermann Ploucquet


Holy Raven
Holy Raven

These weasel is a weasel.
Outlaw weasel!

Quartet of Moneys. Plus Bear.
Quartet of Moneys

The Prince of Wales requested this personally.
This was the Prince of Wales

Yep. People have always just been really weird.

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  1. Ferdinand says:

    That is beyond creepy. I’ve always thought that it was kind of gross when people would use taxidermy on their favorite pets. I’m sorry but you don’t mummify or stuff a family member why would you stuff a pet or animal?

  2. karson says:

    That is a disturbing display of taxidermy and one I wouldn’t want in my house. I don’t see the appeal of taxidermy but obviously there are people who actually want something like this.

  3. Torrance says:

    What strange displays. I knew that this practice was very widely used back in the 1900s, but I have never actually seen any works placed in this manner. It’s really creepy that they used so many rabbits. I guess whatever there was an abundance of, right?

  4. Aidan25 says:

    Taxidermy is something that can be very useful in the art and science world. I have seen many artists that use these displays as a way of drawing animals in their more natural state. Although, I don’t know how I feel about the way these animals are placed. Definitely not natural at all.

  5. Mason29 says:

    I agree, taxidermy is a very strange practice. I’m sure they had their reasons back then and again I can see these being used in the name of science, but I don’t understand what the point in these displays are. The fox and the cat one really freaked me out.

  6. addict82 says:

    i dont find any of this creepy. i find it quite interesting. Would love to see them in person.

  7. Darren_Z says:

    I have a fish on my wall that I caught in the Virgin Islands last summer, but I would never think to have it arranged in a strange position with other fish or animals. To each their own, I guess, but it is kind of bizarre.

  8. DJHawke says:

    Me neither, though I once knew an elderly woman who was really into it. Every pet she ever had was still in her house somewhere. These at least are a little arty, and slightly better than stuffed animals.

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