Think Global Warming Doesn’t Exist? Just Ask China

By Richard K. Noots Pollution is something we WILL have to deal with, no matter how long we try to avoid it. People may claim that the things we produce in life (like carbon emissions) have no detriment to our reality, but this is demonstrably not true. Every action has a reaction, this is a well-known fact….

These Toronto Kids Know How to Handle Winter

By Richard K. Noots These Canadians really know how to handle winter. Apparently, over a thousand students gather for one of the biggest, most dramatic snowball fights I have ever seen in my life. I’d love to be a part of this, however I would not want to handle their winter. Instead, I’ll just make a cup of hot chocolate and watch this video again….

8 Examples of People Having Way Too Much Fun in Winter

By Charlie DeWitts Now, I like to stay inside when it snows. Other people have this crazy idea that winter time means fun time. I don’t know how they muster up the courage to brave such temperatures, but they manage. So now, let’s take a look at what sort of craziness people get into when…

I Found the Mountain Range From the Movie Frozen!

By Richard K. Noots Marcin Kesek is a photographer who has been exploring Poland. It may not be exactly like the winter forest in that crazy Disney movie, but that’s only because it’s actually way better. Seriously, the sprawling evergreens in the snow dripped mountains look like the background to an ancient Lord of the…