5 Social Media Management Programs for 2014

Image by: Simon By Dexter Lunde You’ve got meetings, employees to manage, a personal life to manage, reports to go over, marketing techniques to implement, research and development to oversee… How do other businessmen make the time to manage their social media accounts too? Well, lucky for us, there are a plethora of apps, programs,…

5 Ways to Personalize Your Customer’s Experience in 2014

Image by: ota_photos By Dexter Lunde As a businessman, what do you look for when you’re out shopping? Do you pay attention to how other companies advertise their products? Do you watch how they lay out their wares? Well, for this next year, may I suggest that you watch how they are personalizing their services…

Website Promotion Tips – Here is a Powerful Strategy For Getting Visitors to Return to Your Site!

When you have a website which produces a lot of regular content, you can convince people to register with your website as a way to be constantly kept up to date. They will be able to receive regular emails and be kept abreast of all of the latest content that you are posting. You can use this feature as a website promotion strategy if you are smart, however. Many users of the Internet are willing to recommend your website to friends if they are going to get something out of it.

Website Promotion Tips – What is the A-B-C of Your Website Promotion Strategy?

A careful consideration of your website promotion strategy could very well be the thing that gets you to the top of the search engine listings. The problem is however, that many people are not sure where to begin. After all, we all know what a website is and we all, if vaguely, know how SEO works. But what comes first?