How Insecurity Can Impact Our Weight

Image by: Adam Baker By Bobby Williams We hear all the time that when we’re happy on the inside, our external appearance will reflect it. Guess what, it’s true. But forget the spiritual and kinetic energy crap we hear so much about on Oprah. Let’s talk biology. As men, our lives can be incredibly stressful…

Eating Your Way To Six Pack Abs?

Image by: Melanie-m By Jake Bradshaw Six pack abs are the ultimate goal for every guy. They attract the ladies and they are they number one sign that we are healthy. Six packs aren’t like other parts of our body, they take time, patience and most of all, discipline. In men, our stomachs are the…

How To Create The Perfect Workout Schedule

Image by: istolethetv By Jake Bradshaw Summer is approaching, and we all are in desperate need to fit more time in the gym. For the busy man, it might be difficult reworking your schedule around your six pack, but don’t worry – if you want it bad enough, you will find creative ways around it!…

Why You Should Never Do Crunches

Unfortunately, you are NOT going to get six pack abs this way.

Here are the top 7 reasons why you should never do crunches:


Guess how many crunches you’d have to do to lose one pound of belly fat?

Five hundred? Eight hundred? Maybe even a THOUSAND?

As it turns out, it’s actually far more. Men’s Health recently did a study, and they found that you’d have to do approximately TWENTY THOUSAND crunches to lose one single pound of belly fat.