2013: Is Investing in Oil and Gas a Good Idea?

With the rising of renewable energy in the near future, investors are often on the fence about investing in oil and gas. There is a saying that goes “whoever has the gold, makes the rules.”

You May Want To Plug Into These Energy Stocks

Image by: Tsakos Energy By Steven Morrison II Today we are going to take a quick look at two great energy sector stars burning brightly on Wall Street. One may go all the way, the other is torching a little hotter, a little quicker, and may be just a shorter-term ride. Both are worthy of…

A Special Report on Crude Oil

Image by: Richard Masoner By Adam Hewison TRADING TIP: DON’T FIGHT THE MARKET … MOVE WITH THE MARKET The New Bull Market — it’s OIL!! Today we will use our Trade Triangle Technology and figure out Oil’s next big move. CRUDE OIL (APRIL CONTRACT) BIG PICTURE: Strong Trend +100 TRADE TRIANGLES: Long-Term = Bullish |…

Crude Oil + Precious Metals = Strong Moves

The big story today has to be the moves in both crude oil and precious metals. Both of these markets have made strong upward moves. The crude oil dump of 30 million barrels is history and it underscores just how little influence anyone has over what is arguably the most precious commodity for any industrialized country.

Is it just me or is there a whole lot of smoke and mirrors going on in the political/financial world today. It seems that politicians continue to kick the can down the road when no politician either here in the states or anywhere else for that matter wants to say there is no more money!

Germany saying goodbye to the Euro?