Afterburn: The True Secret To Burning Fat

Image by: It’s Holly By Jake Bradshaw The “Afterburn” effect is when your body burns fat long after the workout is over. This is the goal for all men who want to gain muscle and burn body fat, especially around the belly. One of the greatest misconceptions is to always focus on calories. Though this…

The Best Workout For Busy Guys

Image by: PeterJBellis By Jake Bradshaw For the busy guy, it can be difficult finding time to work out. With our hectic schedules, getting our work done is usually a top priority, however we shouldn’t sacrifice our health and fitness. A great workout doesn’t mean spending three hours in the gym, instead it’s all about…

Finding Pleasure In Working Out

Image by: SuperFantastic By Jake Bradshaw It takes discipline to work out every day. From the outside looking, it appears unreachable to get to that point. However what men fail to realize is that it’s not about going 100% with the same routine every single time, you have to adjust your workout to your limitations…

The Top 10 Fitness Myths (Busted!)

10. Women will get bulky from lifting weights

Let me be more specific – women are afraid that lifting HEAVY weights will make them bulky. Crappy fitness videos abound with women performing biceps curls and triceps kickbacks with dumbbells that should only be used as paper weights.

Women can not get big and bulky for one very good reason…their bodies don’t produce enough testosterone to build the large bulky muscles you’re likely to see in bodybuilding ads. Testosterone is a key ingredient to putting on muscle mass, and the only way women can get this type of big bulky look is by taking steroids and hormone injections. This is why you see bulky female body builders.

3 Home Workout Mistakes

When it comes to burning fat over the holidays, many people make 3 big mistakes with their workouts:

Mistake #1) Too much cardio

Cardio is always the first form of exercise that people try when they want to lose belly fat. But the problems are that cardio workouts take TOO LONG and cardio is also ineffective for fat loss. Research shows there is a much better way to burn belly fat.

Mistake #2) Too many machines

Most people think you need a big, fancy gym full of expensive equipment if you want to burn fat. But that’s not true at all. Instead, you can workout in the comfort of your own home – even with just your own bodyweight and still have a powerful fat burning workout in just minutes.