This Is What the World Of Comics Would Be Like If Writers Could Tell Stories the They Really Wanted

By Anne Cacherell Championing independent and creator-owned stories since 2012, Broken Frontier, a comic book and graphic novel news, created Broken Frontier Anthology. Unlike mainstream superhero comics in which stories are influenced by some editorial, corporate and commercial factors, this series of creator-owned stories promote the power of comics through originality. Creators from across the…

You Won’t Believe How This Lady Makes Her Art

By Richard K. Noots Maria A. Aristidou is an upcoming artist who has a … Unique style of painting. Instead of using something like paint, or whatever else a traditional artist would use, she uses coffee grounds! Yes, you read that correctly. In fact, she uses many different blends of coffee to produce different shades, giving a highly defined sepia tone throughout her…

What One Crazy Couple Did With a Clock, a Wall and Some Books

By Richard K. Noots When one couple’s clock broke, they decided that just replacing it wasn’t enough. Instead, they put their creative genius together to come up with an idea: It involved some clock pieces, some books, and some paint. With not much else needed, they set to work! Blank wall. With a few clock parts. They’ve come up with…

A Computer Program That Lets You Draw With Your Eyes?! You Must See This!

By Richard K. Noots Graham Fink was tired of his teacher telling him that he “needed to use his eyes more,” when drawing, so he decided to change the game of art. After slaving away on his computer for untold months, he finally developed a program that follows the focus of your eyes to determine what you are drawing….

Impress Your Friends With a Homemade Phone Charger!

By Richard K. Noots Although this invention is slightly impractical, it’s still pretty neat. This guy goes over how to change an Altoids can into a useable, travel-size emergency phone charger. Or anything else that can charge of a USB. This will definitely be useful if a serial killer is chasing after you. Because …..