This Video Will Remind You that You Are Not Alone

By Jack Day For many when life gets challenging, the option of giving up is always a way out, and usually is the path taken. Maybe it is because of a lack of support or motivation. Maybe there is too much going on in their lives that life is overwhelming. Whatever the reason for wanting…

10 Reasons Why Every Simple Solution Doesn’t Make You a Genius

By Richard K. Noots Alright guys. This Do-It-Yourself craze has gone too far. I know, I was excited when I learned bananas should be opened from the bottom too. But … This is getting ridiculous. I mean, most of these DIY ideas coming out now aren’t even necessary! What? You don’t believe me? OK, hotshot….

Get The Most Out Of Your 401(K)

Probably the last thing that is on young people’s minds today is saving up for retirement. In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible with student loans and credit cards piling on top each other, creating a never-ending supply of debt. But as one get’s older and our twenties are behind us, the word “retirement” becomes part of our everyday vocabulary.