[VIDEO] 3 Ways To Increase Conversions On Your Website

For those operating an Internet-based direct response advertising model, converting visitors into sales is crucial. So crucial, in fact, that it is the crux of your business venture.

Converts mean cash and the comfort in the knowledge that your plan is working. And a small uptick here or a down tick there in your conversion rate can make all of the difference in the world in whether or not your page succeeds.

[VIDEO] Co-occurrence And The SEO Of The Future

Google, and SEO topic leaders Matt Cutts and SEOMoz are hinting at a future where you can run a high ranked and trafficked website without focusing on links, and anchor text and instead on quality content and brand-naming.

[VIDEO] The End Of Kickstarter?

A lot of businesses and companies have been using crowd funding as a source to raise money for a product launch or funding the beginning plans of their business. It’s more common with independent filmmakers to raise money for their film so they don’t have to pay investors back who are coming for their 3% profit increase.

Get The Most Out Of Your 401(K)

Probably the last thing that is on young people’s minds today is saving up for retirement. In this day and age, it’s virtually impossible with student loans and credit cards piling on top each other, creating a never-ending supply of debt. But as one get’s older and our twenties are behind us, the word “retirement” becomes part of our everyday vocabulary.