Saturated Fat for Men: Fact & Fiction

Image by: ebru By Robert Spencer Everyone gives saturated fat the short end of the stick. Think about it, a few years ago our relatives and ancestors pretty much ate tubs of lard, butter, bacon, and they put cream in everything. They didn’t have to think twice about those choices. How is it that now,…

How To Get Your Weight Loss Calender In Check For 2014

Image by: Adrian Clark By Jake Bradshaw Losing weight doesn’t have to be hard. All the years you’ve spent staring at your beer gut and flexing in the mirror, dreaming of taking the perfect selfie one day, is possible. All it takes is a bit if planning, and 2014 is the best time to create…

#1 Nutrient For Fat Loss

These days all we ever hear about is “protein, protein, protein”, but the truth is that protein is not the #1 ingredient in a fat loss diet.

Getting Caught Up With Food Choices For Weight Loss

Recently I was having a discussion with someone about weight loss, but the conversation quickly turned into nutritionism speak and the merits of various functional foods for ‘health’ and ‘metabolic’ effects. The person I was talking to kept asking about various ‘phytonutrients’ and the importance of items like blueberries for their ‘antioxidant’ effect and other items that have similar health claims associated with them.

This was becoming a somewhat difficult conversation for me to follow because I couldn’t understand what this person was really after. At first we were discussing weight loss and how much weight they could realistically lose over the next 6 weeks or so. Then the conversation ended up on things like phytonutrients, antioxidants, phytosterols, fiber, the glycemic index and on and on.

5 Secrets To Lose Holiday Belly Fat

Wondering how you’re going to lose those holidays pounds? Well, no need to wonder or be frustrated any longer.

I have the solution. Follow these 5 MUST-DO steps immediately, and you could lose 3-5 pounds before New Year’s.

1 – Start a Morning Ritual

Simply getting into a healthy ritual to kick-start your day will help you stay on the fast track to fat loss.

– Drink 2 cups ice cold water and take 1g Vitamin C

– Workout (with supersets and intervals)

– Have a high-protein, high-fiber breakfast (such as an omelet with spinach, or a blender drink with berries, spinach, and protein powder)

– Drink 2-4 cups of Green Tea before lunch

– Take 1-2g of fish oil

These steps will keep you full of energy, fight hunger, and support fat burning. Nothing magic in any of them, but combined, this is a powerful plan for fat loss.

Goal Setting For Fat Loss

So many people battle with ways to lose fat, but this doesn’t have to be difficult. The single most important part of the process is setting goals. Setting short-term and long-term goals may increase your odds of success. Not only will setting goals keep you on the right track, but it also provides an end point to your program.