Top 3 Healthy Motivators for Summer 2014

Image by: AberroCreative By Robert Spencer We know about the importance of staying active and working out. However, that alone won’t motivate most of us to do the right thing. Sometimes the calling of your couch (or that bag of potato chips) outweighs our knowledge about obesity and diabetes. It can be hard to stay…

3 Easy Ways to Personalize Your Bodybuilding Workout

Image by: tpsdave By Robert Spencer When it comes to staying healthy and building muscle, there has only really been one tried-and-true method that everyone shares. Sure, someone may come up with a new idea every now and then but usually they are just alterations of the formulas that we have used in the past….

Fitness Trends for 2014: Boot Camps Versus Customized Classes

Image by: RogerAugdal Olsen By Robert Spencer There are a lot of fitness trends that are changing for 2014. Crossfit classes are dying down. Boot camps are also becoming less popular. In the place of these two classes are customized classes. [wp_ad_camp_4] #1) Boot Camps on the Descent Boot camps have been a big hit…

7 Great Training Tips from Our Favorite Athletes

Image by: Karen Blaha By Robert Spencer When you’re training for a competition or a tournament, it can be hard to stay motivated and find the right workout routine for you. Here to help are some of the best Olympic athletes (female and male) and some other figureheads in fitness. Check out these 7 tips…

7 Great Body-weight Workouts for Men

Image by: tpsdave By Robert Spencer I’m a big fan of body-weight exercises because they are versatile and can be done anywhere: at a gym, at home, while on vacation, etc. On a box. With a fox. All right, you get the gist. They are also great if you are just starting an exercise routine….